Random Observations (I)

Here, I’ll just post some random observations I’ve made in Korea. In this edition: Mostly just random stuff I’ve seen and photographed in Seoul.

Fatshaming stairs. This is a thing here, apparently. Want to burn 84 calories? Just walk up 12 flights of stairs. Seems reasonable.



There’s no such thing as a no-brand brand under late capitalism.


Some odd German stuff I’ve stumbled over. I hate to imagine hip Koreans buying some Toten Hosen merch from a grab-bag thinking it’s some edgy and cool stuff to put on your pants. Also, it seems like German cuisine is at least semi-popular. Haven’t checked out any of the places so far though. The Deutsches Haus menu does not strike me as particularly German, but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing.

Another odd German(?) thing. It appears that “Hof” (as in Hofbräuhaus?) is Korean shorthand for beer. I think something has been lost in translation here.


Korean Pepe!



Yup, these people exist here too.


(Accidental) street art or just random garbage?


Another thing that takes some getting used to: There are vending machines everywhere. On every floor of every building on campus, at every subway stop, right in the middle of Korea’s War Memorial, just everywhere.I’ve gotten addicted to Milkis in particular, which is basically a soft drink with milk. Sounds weird, tastes great. I guess watching A Better Tomorrow 10+ years ago really prepared me for this trip.



Other assorted stuff:


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