Seoul National Cemetery

The Seoul National Cemetery is located nearby, so I figured it would be worth checking out. To visit it, just travel to the Dongjak subway station.

This is a large cemetery that used to be the country’s only national cemetery. It is reserved for Korean war veterans and contains several monuments honoring them. It is open to the public, so feel free to drop by.

It is quite a nice place to visit. It is sorrounded by trees, so it actually feels like you’re in the middle of the woods in a very secluded and quiet place when you’re actually right in the middle of a vibrant city. That certainly makes for a nice change of scenery.

If cemeteries don’t depress you too much, it might be worth a visit, especially in the Spring when it gets a bit warmer. It was almost freezing when I visited, but it was still a lovely experience.

The cemetery is quite large and includes multiple buildings, like visiting halls, small temples, and a big monument to soldiers whose remains could not be found(?). A few former presidents are also buried here.


There is also a hill that you can climb that gives you a fantastic view of the cemetery, the Hongang river, and (parts of) Seoul in general.


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