National Assembly, Yeouido Park, Sungnyemun Gate

This was my first big sightseeing trip, and it was woll worth my time. I’d recommend checking all of these locations out.


National Assembly:

This is the location of the legislative branch of the Korean government (duh). I don’t know if you can go inside to take or tour or whatever, but the outside is pretty nice on its own.

There is also a traditional building next to it. I think it is/was used as a guest house or something like that.


The assembly is adjacent to the river on one side. On the other side, you have a great view of Yeouido. I kept walking in that direction and ended up in Yeouido Park after a while.


Yeouido Park:

This is a large park located in a central part of Seoul. It apparently hosts different themes like a section that only contains Korean trees, a swamp area, and so on. I went there on March 1st, so you still couldn’t see much of that. I definitely plan to return and spend some more time here in the Spring. It was already quite lovely and a lot of people were visiting the park to hang out, take a walk, or play basketball, but I can only imagine that it will be much more beautiful in Spring or Summer.


Sungnyemun Gate:

Sungnyemun Gate is located very closely to the main station of Seoul. It’s almost impossible to miss if you’re in the area, but surprisingly difficult to actually reach since it’s right in the middle of a busy street intersection. This is one of the eight gates in the fortress wall that surrounded Seoul and was constructed in the 14th century. Apparently only two gates have been preserved, and this is the most important one. It was declared as the first national treasure of Korea, so count it in as a must-see site. Once again, the contrast between this historic site that sits right in the center of Seoul and is sorrounded by heavy traffic is quite stark. I think this gate highlights both the traditional and modern aspects of Seoul quite well, so go check it out.


All in all, this was a really nice trip. The assembly and the park are within walking distance. The gate…not so much, but it’s not that far off with public transportation. I think I walked all the way because I’m stubborn and got some nice blisters out of it. Silly me.


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