Aimlessly walking through Gangnam

Yesterday, I just decide to take a (mostly) aimless stroll through Gangnam. I had a few spots in mind, and then I just did what I always do – walk around aimlessly, get lost all the time, and run through my phone battery three times. It was nice.


A pretty typical street corner.


It seems like I pretty much always stumble across some weird German-ish stores around here, including a street corner with like half a dozen German car dealerships.

My first stop was Sinsa-dong Garosugil Road…at least it was supposed to be. In hindsight, I’m not entirely sure I even found it. My travel guide really hyped it as a “beautiful and pictoresque street”. I found a big and pretty cool street that seems to be in the correct place, and I certainly wouldn’t disagree with calling it beautiful, but it did not seem to fully match the description and did not seem that different from other busy streets. But whatever, still cool.


During this part of the trip, I also ran into this fella for the first time:


Everybody should have a bodyfriend. Especially if it’s this guy.

I also tried to check out Bongeunsa Temple, but got kinda lost and just wandered around instead. Gangnam is a really interesting place, so there’s a lot of stuff to see.

After walking around in the wtong direction(s), I arrived at Seonjeongneung, which houses some royal tombs, as well as a big park and several small monuments. But I decided that it was too vast to check it out now, so I postponed it to a later date. Probably much prettier in the Spring anyway.

I walked around some more as the sun began to set. I only got a brief impression, but Gangnam at night is a whole different animal.

Also, look who I ran into:


Not that I mind running into Sexyama on every street corner, but it was starting to feel like he was following me at this point.

Finally, I decided to check out Kukkiwon, aka the World Taekwondo Headquarter. It’s the official Taekwondo governing organization established by the South Korean government, so I guess that makes it the mecca of Taekwondo? It’s not a sport I’ve ever paid much attention to, but that’s pretty neat nonetheless. There’s museum that looked to be as big as an average living room, and apparently you can buy tickets to watch Taekwondo exhibitions. That might justify a further visit down the line.



And of course, there are always some great shop names:


I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface. After all, Gangnam is the third biggest and fourth most populated district of Seoul. It’s a very wealthy area and boasts a lot of shops, as well as a large variety of night life. I’m sure I’ll be back.


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