Bulguksa Temple & Daemosan Mtn

With spring in full effect and summer temperatures in April, it was time for another hike. As expected, these hikes are even more beautiful when all the trees have blossomed again.

As mentioned before, there are (small) mountains all over Seoul. Daemosan is apparently one of the lesser known ones and not particularly high, so it probably will not be anyone’s top priority. However, I was close by, and it was still a pretty cool hike.

There is also a small temple (Bulguksa Temple) located at the foot of the hill. It’s pretty small and not worth going out of your way to see on its own, but if you’re already there then there is no reason not to stop by. I always enjoy visiting these temples despite being quite possibly the least spiritual person of all time. Still, I enjoy the lanterns, architecture, and peaceful atmosphere.

The mountain is not that tall and the hike not all that difficult, but you are definitely rewarded with a splendid view. The mountain is near Gangnam and at the top, you can overlook some of the area’s landmarks like the Lotte World tower.


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