Tokyo Diary, Part 9 – Disney Sea

Not only did I visit my first amusement park in 10 years, I followed that up with a second one just two days later. Much like Fuji-Q, this was not originally planned and pretty much happened by coincidence. A day before my departure, a classmate asked what I was doing during the weekend. As it turned out, she also would go to Tokyo during the next week, and was really intent on going to Disney Sea. Wanna come along? Uh…sure, why not.


I had fond memories of visiting Disney Land Paris as a kid (how can you not?), but did not really go with any specific expectations as my enthusiasm for that kind of thing had disappeared a long time ago (or so I thought). As the name suggests, the park has a bit of a nautical theme. I’m not gonna talk about it in detail since it’s exactly what you’d expect. There are a bunch of rides and other attractions, live performances, a bunch of shops, and so on. Yada yada yada.

I’d recommend bringing some snacks and other food since the food being offered in the park is…not great. Haven’t tried any of the restaurants, but the snack bars really aren’t anything to write home about.

Furthermore, Fuji-Q pretty much ruined all the rollercoasters for me, so I’d suggest starting with Disney and going to Fuji afterwards if you want to do both.

All in all, it was a ton of fun though. It does kind of feel like a magical place, and most of the attractions are a lot of fun. The waiting times can get very long, but that’s amusement parks for ya. At least there are express tickets available without additional costs that allow you to reserve seats at a later time, so you can at least avoid some of the long lines.

Stick around until 8pm for the big ceremony if you can. It’s a big 15+ minute elaborate show on the water ending with some lovely fireworks.


All in all, it was definitely a great experience. And trust me, if I can have a great time here, then pretty much everybody should be able to. Unless you are somehow even more grumpy, misanthropic, or socially awkward than I am (in which case I’m very sorry to hear that).

Finally, I also met a bunch of awesome people and hung out with them all day, which ruled. (If any of you happen to read this: Hi there! It was great meeting you)

PS: I look adorable in a Mickey Mouse wizard hat. You’ll just have to trust me on this.


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