Busan Trip – Day Two

For my second day in Busan, I decided to get a ticket for a city tour bus. Since Busan and many of the most prominent sightseeing spots are spread pretty far out, this seemed like a good option. And it is. You can probably get everywhere by public transportation too, but this is certainly much less of a hassle. Plus, riding on a open air doppeldecker bus certainly beats the crowded public buses. There are multiple bus lines that you can all use with a day pass and you can hop on and off at any stop. There’s usually a bus every 30 minutes, so you can schedule your day pretty well. The tours mostly cover stuff that is close to the sea, so of course you can’t cover every top destination since there is also some stuff that is further removed from the sea, but it’s a good start.

My memories are a bit hazy regarding the order I visited these places, so I’ll just quickly(?) go through the stuff I remember:


Yonghoman Sightseeing Boat Terminal

This was just a transit station to switch bus lines. As the name suggests, it’s a nice place to look at some boats. Not sure how much else there’s to do, but the view rules.


Oryukdo Islands

Hooooo boy. I hadn’t really read anything about this place before, so I figured I’d just check it out quickly and be back on my way. But this ended up being one of my favorite places in all of Busan. Although to be fair, I loved pretty much all the places I visited. Like most stuff in Busan, this spot is located right along (or, to be more precise, in) the ocean. I guess Oryukdo roughly translates to ‘five or six’ as there are five or six islands visible based on the tide and time of day.

You can go down to the water, or hike up a mountain to get an even better view:

There’s also a seethrough platform that allows you to look down the cliff.

And you can climb down the cliff all the way down to the water.

Just an incredibly beautiful place.


Haeundae Beach:

This is apparently the most popular beach in Busan, even though I have a different favorite. The notable thing is that it’s right in the middle of the town. You just have to cross the street and are immediately on the promenade with a bunch of shops and whatnot. Even though it was really hot outside, it was way too cold to actually go in the water. And to be honest, I get tired of beaches pretty quickly. I’ll take of my shoes and walk around near/in the water, look around a bit, take a few pictures, and then I’m good to go. I could never really understand people who could spend an entire day just hanging out on beaches, but oh well. It’s still a nice place to visit nonetheless, and I assume many people would get a whole lot more enjoyment out of it than I can.


Gwangali Beach:

The beach itself is pretty similar, with the big difference being the giant bridge in the background.

This is especially great at night with the bridge being illuminated. If you have a chance to witness a sunset here, go for it. There are also a ton of restaurants, coffee shops, and so on just across the street, so you definitely have more than enough stuff to do here. Probably a fantastic place in the middle of the summer when it’s actually warm enough to go swimming, but also well worth a visit outside of that season.


I also walked around a ton in the sorrounding downtown areas, which was quite nice as well.


Yonggunsa Temple

Let’s end this with another big highlight. Yonggunsa is another Buddhist temple with the additional benefit that it is located right on the coast.

The bus dropped us off at a nearby museum. You can reach the temple with a nice little walk along the coast. The temple itself is pretty similar to the other temples I’ve visited so far, which is to say that it is awesome. But the location definitely gives it a special atmosphere and makes for a great visit.


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