Dongdaemun Gate

Dongdaemun Gate, also known as Heunginjimun (Gate), is one of the eight gates of Seoul’s fortress wall. To be more precise, it is (or used to be) the eastern gate. It is located in central Seoul and is a prominent sightseeing destination.

As usual, the gate is integrated seemlessly into modern Seoul, as it is right next to a busy intersection and with many large buildings nearby. It was built in the 14th century, so it once again provides an interesting intersection of ancient and modern Korea.

The gate itself looks quite similar to the other ones I’ve seen so far (at least to my untrained eyes). However, what sets Dongdaemun apart is that it is the only remaining gate that still has an intact fortress wall located next to it.

You can hike up the wall to get some great views. It seems like you can keep going for quite a while and maybe even reach some other destinations, but I was pretty tired so I just decided to head back after a while. There’s also a small museum on the wall(?) that you can stop by.

There are also a bunch of other attractions nearby, such as the large Dongdaemun market.


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