Random Dorm Observations III

Not that much to report, but it’s time for another small dorm update:

You guys, it happened! Somebody was kicked out of the dorm. And – of course – this had to be communicated immediately via print-outs:


On the bright side, I would probably prefer to be kicked out for something serious like (almost?) starting a fire rather than “I drank somebody else’s tea”.

The periodic room inspections are still taking place about once a month.


It always feels like the effort put into setting them up and scheduling far exceeds any benefits (our last inspection lasted approximately 15 seconds), but oh well. Of course, the punishment for missing them are quite harsh (penalty points~!). So yeah, there are certainly a few things going on here that seem quite puzzling, but whatever. Just roll with it and don’t think about it too much. If you need to reschedule (like I did), just contact your floor advisor. Their phone numbers are printed on their doors, so you can just text them or whatever. No problem at all.

Finally, some exchange students at CAU have started up an official CAU exchange blog. I would love to claim that I inspired them, but that would require anybody to read this stuff, so I don’t think I can take credit for it. Either way, I’m sure there will be useful stuff posted on there too if you plan to study at CAU, so check it out: https://cauexchange.wordpress.com/


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