Seoul Parks

There are a bunch of parks in Seoul. I like Parks. I went to some parks. Here, I talk about them:

Boramae Park:

This is a nice and pretty big park. Boramae (‘hawk’) used to be an Air Force site, and there are still remnants of this as there are displays of multiple historic airplanes. Furthermore, there are a bunch of recreational and athletic areas like Badminton courts, a climbing wall, etc. There is also a small temple. Nice park, nothing much more to say.


Yeouido Park:

I already talked about it here. But it’s definitely worth another visit, especially during the evening hours on Friday or Saturday. You can hang out at the actual park and watch people play basketball in front of old military planes and the Seoul skyline. Lovely place. And then you can stroll over to the riverside that turns into a busy area full of countless food trucks on the weekend. Definitely worth checking out.



Dream Forest:


This is a large park located in Northern Seoul. It’s a bit remote, at least from where I lived, and you will need to take a bus for a few stops to get there. The travel is worth it though, as it is a big and very nice park. It is sorrounded by some small-ish mountains that you can hike around in.

Furthermore, there are also a bunch of attractions in the park itself, like fountains and a waterfall. There are also some coffee shops and restaurants around, so you could easily spend half a day here.

Finally, there is also an observatory tower with some great views of the park and Seoul in general.



Yangjae Citizen’s Forest:

This park is located in southern Seoul near Gangnam and only a few stations removed from Cheonggyesan mountain. It’s a nice park and definitely a nice spot to relax for a bit after a hike. It was pretty neat to sit down after an exhausting hike and just observing some businessmen trying to feed some very extroverted squirrels. Oh, and if you’re looking for a place to have an outside wedding in, add this park to the list I guess.


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