Oh hey, I guess this thing is still alive!

Myeong-Dong is a very popular and crowded shopping district. You can apparently get a lot of exclusive goods here, which makes it a very pricey destination. But even if you’re not into shopping at all (like me), you will definitely find lots of things to enjoy in this area. If nothing else, it has the typical fantastic Korean street food.

The delights start before you even leave the Myeong-Dong subway station. Make sure to make a visit to the DeliManjoo place to pick up some delicious tiny cakes. And while you’re there, leave a note to make sure everybody knows that they taste supergeil.


Be advised that Myeong-Dong is a super busy place that is constantly swarming with both locals and tourists. I assume that you can find all kinds of high-end fashion stores here, but I don’t know the first thing about fashion, so I can only make a guess. There are also a bunch of cat and puppy cafes in this area if that’s your thing.

Like I mentioned before, of course there is great food to be found everywhere. Whether it’s restaurants or countless street food vendors – no desires will be left unsatisfied. A personal favorite are the small buckets of chicken that you can not only find here, but pretty much everywhere in Seoul. But be warned that a lot of the food might be a bit spicy for Western tastes, which these shops are often the first to admit, as you can see below.


Interestingly enough, this was also the only place in Korea I can recall seeing a rather odd group of Christian evangelists trying to warn the unsuspecting public of the imminent end of the world. The big apocalyptic sign they have detected are RFID chips implanted in humans, so watch out for that I guess. It’s an odd sight, but they do appear harmless and just march around with their grim warnings or sing surprisingly happy songs. By your second or third visit, you’ll barely notice them anymore.

All in all, Myeong-Dong is one of my favorite areas in Seoul, even if I detest shopping and have never even entered any of the fancy stores. The whole area is just always super busy and full of life and it’s a real joy to just stroll around, eat some great street food, and take in the scenery.

On top of that, Myeong-Dong is also located quite closely to another famous Seoul attract, Namsan or Seoul Tower. The Seoul Animation Center is also located nearby, which contains a few exhibitions and a nice little library. Stroll through Myeong-Dong, take a little peek at the Animation Center and then make your way to Namsan Tower. Makes for one hell of a trip.


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