Insa-dong is a popular Seoul neighborhood. The main street, Insadong-gil, in particular is quite famous and visited by lots of locals and tourists. This neighborhood contains many galleries, tea shops and restaurants. On top of that, it seems like one of the best places to buy some rather inexpensive souvenirs as there are dozens of little gift shops.

While places like Myeong-Dong might be more busy during the week, Insa-dong really comes alive on the weekend. There’s a little forum at the end of Insadong-gil where you can often catch traditional Korean drum performances, which are quite the sight to behold.

I don’t think I can fully do this area justice here. You really need to experience it first-hand. A lovely region full of culture and art. It’s also located near the center of Seoul and is in walking distance of many of my other favorite spots like Gyeongbokgun Palace and Cheonggyecheon stream.

Added bonus: You can quite literally eat shit here. That’s always nice.



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