One Year later: (Deep)Dreaming of Korea

So, it has now officially been a year since I went to my trip to Korea. I boarded the plane on February 25th 2016 and arrived at my new temporary home around 24 hours later. I still can’t fully comprehend it. Time really does fly. A lot has happened (and frankly, a lot hasn’t) since then, and I still think about this experience daily.

I originally hadn’t really planned to post anything, as I’m not really in the mood to write much about it. It was a fantastic and once in a lifetime journey, but I’ve tried to put that into words plenty of times already and don’t feel like repeating myself.

Since my return back home, I’ve been kinda-sorta trying to finally graduate from university, while also procrastinating as hard as humanly possible. Now, I’m looking into writing my master thesis on the management of Artificial Intelligence solutions. So of course, I’m spending most of my time doodling around instead of actually trying to come up with a concrete topic.

One aspect that has really fascinated me is one facet of deep machine learning, particularly applying neural networks to images. This topic has certainly been mainstream for a while, with topics like style transfer (including a recent paper coauthored by Kristen Stewart), including a bunch of websites and apps you can use to make your selfies like like they were painted by Vincent van Gogh.

One particularly odd application of these techniques is Google’s DeepDream, which creates images that look like the products of one’s dreams (or maybe rather nightmares) and/or acid trips.

Anyway…since I have certainly been aware of this upcoming anniversary of my time in Korea and have been thinking (or maybe you could say dreaming) of Korea, I thought it would only be appropriate to apply DeepDream to some of my favorite photos taken during my stay. And, well:



Hopefully, I can look at this whole topic a bit more and maybe tinker around with it myself, as I have some ideas I would like to explore further (some even Korea-related). But we’ll see, since it certainly would require a lot of brain and most importantly computing power that I’m not sure I possess.

Either way, my time in Korea was like a dream come true in many ways, and hopefully I’ll be able to return again at some point.


(All original photos taken by me; DeepDream versions created using


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